Friday, April 1, 2011

Omahenene Fishing Project

large green tub
 The fishing project farms fish through their life cycle from frys, to fingerlings and finally to fully grown fish. It is a Spanish development project helping to empower the local community. The fish frys are collected on the pond banks and put into breeding pawns. After 1 week the young fish are graded by size and transferred to larger green tubs. Each tub contains fish at a similar size and is given the same type of food (the smaller the fish the higher the protein content). The fries weigh about 0.5 g- 1g, fingerlings 3-5g and full sized tilapia can get up to 850g. The project on has two fish and can be sold as fingerlings to local famers (tilapia are 30 cents and catfish 20 cents each).

one of two ponds 
Fish are kept in warmer temperatures when they are fingerlings as cooler waters dry out fish. Each year water is removed from the ponds during the dry season and the pond is cleaned, before being refilled. Water is only added during the wet season if fish are dying, but it can go sometimes eight months without needing a fill. All fish are sold locally with thirty tons sold to the community annually.
workers catch a load of tilapia

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